Rick Smith - Founder/Speaker                                                                

Rick Smith knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. That’s why he started Rock Bottom Outreach. Rick also knows how it feels to appear to be on top of the world. He was a successful coach at the high school and club levels, winning two state championships.

He taught Sunday School, mentored youth, and was a church leader, missionary and staff member. But he also now knows all too well that the truth on the inside can contradict appearances on the outside.

Rick was addicted to prescription drugs for ten years. He neglected his wife. He battled depression. The cost: His marriage, his career, and almost cost him the lives of his children and himself. On August 16, 2008, with his sons with him in his pickup, Rick sideswiped an 18-wheeler. He lost visitation rights with his boys.

That was Rick’s rock bottom. But it also became the starting point for his climb to a renewed relationship with God. He has a new marriage, a second chance with his sons, a career, restored health, and a passion to help others who have hit their own rock bottom.

Rick has been there – to the point where the only places left to go are out or up. Through Rock Bottom Outreach, he is helping those who have hit rock bottom find their way up.